2017-08-15 08:46:43
Top Beauty Hacks For Hand Luggage Travellers

When it comes to short haul travel, many of us will opt not to check a bag into the hold but use the free hand baggage allowance instead. Most airlines’ hand luggage allowance is a great size for anything up to a week away; even so, saving space is still a priority and when it comes to your beauty essentials for a holiday it is important to maximise the space you have at your disposal.

If you do travel with only hand luggage, you’ll no doubt be aware of the carry on liquid restrictions that can make taking your favourite beauty products on holiday quite difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of easy hacks that will help you get everything you need in the liquids bag without leaving any essential beauty or skincare behind!


Palettes are a perfect flexible companion for travel. There are a multitude of great quality palettes on the market, from affordable brands such as Sleek or NYX, right through to high-end offerings. Each palette gives you a range of multi-use pans in one, compact product. Eye, lip and cheek palettes are so versatile; shimmer eye shadows can double up as highlight and brown shades make a great bronzer or contour.

Switch liquids where you can

Swap any liquid beauty products for non-liquids where you are able to. Take a powder foundation, pack intense moisturising sheet masks rather than serums and moisturisers, and you can also try face wipes that are infused with products such as micellar water or toner. All of these non-liquid alternatives can go in your hand luggage right away, freeing up valuable space in the liquids bag.


You can pick up complete sets of small, travel-size bottles and pots to decant any liquids that are over 100ml into. These sets or travel bottles are incredibly handy as they are reusable, and the smaller pots take up very little room. The sets can be bought from any discount beauty store or from online stores such as Amazon.


Where decanting isn’t an option, pick up travel-size or trial-size minis. High Street stores and supermarkets have great 3 for 2 offers on travel-size toiletries just before travel season starts. For mini make up products, beauty subscription boxes always contain the latest make up trend items in trial sizes and – added bonus – it’s a monthly budget treat for pampering in the run up to the holiday! 

Don’t pack what you can buy there

Larger toiletries such as sun lotion, shampoo, and conditioner can be bought once you reach your destination for a very small cost. Rather than have them take up prime real estate inside the liquids bag, leave them at home.

Wherever you’re jetting off to this summer, hopefully these hacks will help when it comes to packing your make up and beauty products. While the liquid restrictions can feel very limiting, it’s absolutely possible to take on holiday everything you’ll need to look and feel your best on the beach.

Content Written By Patricia Edwards